Current Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ Aren't Getting Turbos, So Stop Asking


Father of the new Supra says turbocharging would ruin the balance of the 86 and BRZ.

There won't be one final, turbocharged hurrah for this generation's Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ rear-drive twins as their head engineer has stated forced induction would ruin them. Tetsuya Tada, who's probably the busiest man at Toyota right now developing the new Supra, told Australia's CarAdvice he wouldn't be satisfied with the car's balance if he were to add turbocharging to the current platform. You'll have to wait for the next-gen cars for that possibility—that is, if they arrive at all.

“One characteristic of the 86 is that in terms of the front balance, its slightly front loaded, so it makes the handling more fast and agile. So if we were to come up with a turbo version, we would have to go change the weight balance between the front and the rear,” Tada-san explained. “That means we have to come up with a completely new platform, so it’s not about just changing or slight modification in the engine parts.” Neither Toyota nor Subaru have confirmed the twins will get a second generation. It's now even less likely the 86 or BRZ would get more power as that would put those models in competition with the Supra waiting in the wings.

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However, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone who's followed news on the twin sports cars. Both automakers have said time and time again that turbocharging isn't in the cards. As far back as 2013, Toyota wrote off turbo and convertible variants from the 86's development plans. And even though Subaru did show a turbocharged STI Performance Concept, company executives were clear on its chances of reaching production. Tada-san is still bothered, though, as he believes others think he doesn't like turbocharging.

“That’s not really true,” he said. “I do like turbos, however if we come up with a turbo version of the 86 and boost up the power, that would result in the necessity of changing the basic configuration completely, to come up with a car that I would be satisfied with.” The protective Tada-san just wants 86 owners to enjoy the precise balance his rear-drive creations offer, and we can't blame him for that. Still, if you have a hunger for power, you could stuff your Toyobaru with a Ferrari V8 or BMW V10. Just don't complain to Tada-san about how it handles afterwards.