Custom 1969 Ford Mustang Fender Heads To Auction

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A '69 Stratocaster and a '69 Stang are awesome together.

The Ford Mustang has taken decades to come up to speed on modern handling, but it is, at last, a decent car to drive. While early Mustangs are arguably not as good to drive as the rose tint of nostalgia makes them out to be, their beauty is never in question. One of the most beloved models is the 1969 shape, and bringing it up to date with the 21st century is a labor of love that many have undertaken over the years. The latest people to do this are the customizing team at Barret-Jackson builds in partnership with Fender Custom Shop, and it's a pearler.


The two teams worked together to release a package deal that includes a 1969 Mustang Fastback and a Fender Custom '69 Stratocaster electric guitar, with the latter's amp fitted to the former's trunk. It's Barrett-Jackson Builds' first corporate partnership and with both now icons of American pop culture, it's an ideal pairing. This project will also serve as a platform from which to launch a new digital series called Barrett-Jackson Builds that will feature various collector car restorations. As you can see from the teaser above, the car and the guitar influence each other's styling to good effect, but what's the car like?


Well, guitar parts have been used throughout the build just as car parts have been used on the guitar, but the important details include Rocket Racing wheels wrapped in Continental rubber, Wilwood brakes, and FiTech fuel system upgrades. We'll know more about the car and the guitar and how they came to be when the package is fully unveiled, but don't expect to pick the pair up cheaply. The package deal will be sold at the Scottsdale Auction (happening from March 20-27) and will be listed with no reserve price. While no reserve can sometimes be an opportunity to pick up a good deal, we've got a feeling that this collaboration will fetch well over six figures.

Source Credits: Barrett-Jackson

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