Custom Chevy Pickup From Fast & Furious Sells On Ebay For A Bargain

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You'd be forgiven for not recognizing this particular Fast & Furious car.

Hero cars from Hollywood movies tend to be popular exhibits at auctions, but you would be forgiven for forgetting about this particular movie car. The Fast & Furious movies have featured a plethora of memorable custom cars, from the iconic orange Toyota Supra in the first film, to the Ice Charger from the most recent film, Fate of the Furious. Occasionally you see more obscure cars from the franchise looking for new owners, like this 1967 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck that featured in the fourth instalment of the franchise, Fast & Furious, released back in 2009.

If you need a refresher, it was driven by Sung Kang's character, Han, during the film's opening gasoline truck heist where it pulled a 180. In truth, the pickup didn't have a lot of screen time (less than a minute in total, in fact) but there will always be collectors out there who have to own every piece of movie memorabilia, no matter how minor. It was recently listed on eBay and has already been sold to a new owner who paid $32,500 for the pickup. It has all the relevant paperwork to prove it was commissioned by Universal Studios and built by Dennis McCarthy, who has built almost every car that's featured in the films to date.

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Being a movie car, there are some elements that were purely cosmetic like the massive ten-speed tractor shifter and the air tanks on the side of the flatbed. In reality, the pickup has an automatic transmission and only three gears. Those chrome diesel exhaust stacks are fake, too. Under the hood is a gasoline-powered 502 cubic-inch big block V8, so it has a lot of muscle to match. No power output has been listed, but it reportedly sends 490 lb-ft of torque to those massive wheels. Chevy trucks from this era typically sell for around the same price, but given that this particular pickup featured in one of the most popular movie franchises of all time we reckon the buyer walked away with a bargain.

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