Customers Receive Official McLaren P1 GTR Rendering

This is what their £1.98m will get them.

When McLaren announced it was working on a track-only variant of the P1, the British automaker provided a sketch of what the £1.98m GTR model would look like. Now, thanks to DuPont Registry, we have what is said to be an official rendering of the 986-hp P1 GTR provided by a customer via a US McLaren dealership in Florida. A giant diffuser and oversized wing are the most obvious visual differences from the road car, while the exhaust outlets have been extended and the sides widened to make room for wider wheels.

The McLaren P1 GTR will also feature race-proven slick tires, a widened track and more aggressive styling. The limited-run car will be sold exclusively to P1 owners and enter production after the completion of the 375th and final P1 road car.

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