Customized Camaro by Whiteside Customs Matches the GT-R for Power

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This finely tuned Camaro V6 with 500hp featured at SEMA almost slipped through the net.

With SEMA 2011 soon to be a distant memory there are a few remaining stories of interest to come out of the event, and this custom Camaro is certainly one of them. Why, you may ask, is this Camaro more significant than the scores to have showcased in Las Vegas? The simple answer is that it produces 500hp. From a V6. The mighty Godzilla aka Nissan GT-R is one benchmark for a V6 engine's power output, which stands at an impressive 542hp and 488lb-ft of torque.

But with a twin-turbo kit from RX Performance boosting the Camaro's V6 output to over 500hp, the guys at Whiteside Customs have done a phenomenal job at matching Nissan's supercar killer. A full suspension made up of BC Racing ER series coil-overs with Whiteline Suspension bushing package, and a host of technology upgrades has resulted in a mightily impressive Camaro, and there are apparently more modifications planned for the future so that it can take on the GT-R. We'd love to see it but won't hold our breath.

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