CUV Battle: Cherokee Vs. Escape Vs. Forester

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For when a Jeep Wrangler can no longer accommodate a growing family.

There may come a time in your life when driving around in a Jeep Wrangler just won't work anymore. The reason is called having a family, and the thought of your little ones bouncing around in the Wrangler's backseat doesn't sit well with mommy. So what to do? Trade the Wrangler in for something more family friendly; a crossover if you will. Fortunately, there's some solid choices out there that also have impressive off-road capabilities.

One of those just so happens to be Jeep's all-new Cherokee, funky-looking front end styling and all. The Ford Escape certainly isn't known for playing in the dirt, but it does offer an AWD system. Then there's the Subaru Forester, a CUV that's never been afraid to tackle some trails. None of them are perfect, but at least the kids won't fly out the roof when you hit a bump. Worst case scenario, you'll probably just be cleaning some puke off the back seat, and well, you better just get used to that.

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