Cybertruck Range Extender Is A Giant Powerbank In The Bed With An Extra 130 Miles Range

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You lose 33% of the bed space for 38% extra range.

The production-spec Tesla Cybertruck was revealed last night, and while Musk talked up a storm about a lot of things, he didn't even mention the available Range Extender option that has appeared on the Tesla website. Available only on the All-Wheel Drive and Cyberbeast trims (dual motor models), the Range Extender adds approximately 130+ and 120+ miles of extra range, with the maximum figure pegged at 470+ miles on the AWD variant. This still falls short of the original 500 miles of range Musk claimed in 2019 when the Cybertruck was first revealed.

According to Drew Baglino, Tesla's senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering, the range extender option is a "toolbox-sized battery against the back of the cab in the bed." The image of the Range Extender provided by Tesla below shows a rather large box against the truck's cab, which looks like it will severely impact the load bed's practicality.

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Elon Musk later chimed in on X (formerly Twitter) with more information about the Cybertruck's range extender. According to the Tesla CEO, the additional battery pack "fits in about 1/3 of the truck bed. Still room for plenty of cargo." He added that it's for people looking to use the Cybertruck for extended trips or towing heavy stuff up the mountains.

There's just one problem with the "towing heavy stuff" assertion, and that's that the Range Extender adds weight to the Cybertruck, eating into its GVWR, and reducing its maximum towing capacity. Just how much the Range Extender weighs has not been confirmed, and Tesla has only given us the maximum towing capacity of the Cynertruck without this option: 11,000 lbs. The final figure will likely lie between this upper bound and the lower 7,500-lbs capacity of the RWD Cybertruck.

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Both Baglino and Musk failed to mention the pricing for the Cybertruck's range extender option. However, one clever X user checked the Tesla website's code (presumably) and discovered it would be a $16,000 option. This is unconfirmed, mind you, but not far-fetched, given that EV batteries are pretty expensive.

In the electric pickup truck segment, towing range has been a big talking point after an F-150 Lightning owner said that their driving range of the EV was slashed in half when towing. Recently, Ram released its counterargument to the problem with the Ram 1500 Ramcharger, an electric truck with a V6 generator providing a total of 690 miles range - 200 more than the Cybertruck and with no recharging necessary.

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