Cyclist Nearly Causes Fatal Accident

Another cyclist proving that they really shouldn’t have the same rights as cars and motorcycles.

In the United States we’ve recently seen a large increase in the number of cyclists using the side of our public roads as their bike path. Although this doesn’t bother most, it seems to be a pretty dangerous practice for the cyclist. After all, there are plenty of drivers who text, eat, and multitask while piloting two-ton machines going three times your speed. As you can see in the following video, this cyclist makes a small mistake that could have turned into a possibly fatal accident.

It’s clear to see the motorcyclist was doing nothing wrong and as he nears the cyclist, the rider takes a hard left turn straight into the motorcyclist's path. Luckily the biker was paying close enough attention to avoid collision. We're sure next time the cyclist won't be so careless.

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