Praga Teases Thrilling New Hypercar That Could Come To America

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The 116-year-old brand is finally getting back into the street-legal game.

Praga appears to be on the verge of launching a new road-legal supercar, and if you have no clue who or what that is, stay tuned.

Praga may not be a well-known manufacturer in the mainstream automotive sphere, but in the world of motorsport, it is a prominent brand. It develops products for karting and Supercar Challenge, where it challenges the likes of the Radical SR8. To gain access to a new market and show the world what its racing development programs can do, it has begun a street-legal hypercar project that has teased with a 30-second video.

The quick teaser shows a sleek car under the cover together with some fast-paced driving action, a passionate engine tone, some flames from a titanium exhaust system, and a spinning lightweight alloy wheel supported by an Alcon braking system.

Praga/YouTube Praga/YouTube

The Czech brand explains that this upcoming product will possess the brand's holy trinity philosophy of being carbon, gas, and lightweight. We'd like to see how the folks over at Caterham will react to this.

The mid-engined supercar will likely use the Renault F4R turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine currently used in the Praga R1 racing car. This impressive four-pot produces 390 horsepower. Its track-only model currently boasts a dry weight figure of 1,418 pounds, so assuming that its road-going model will be based on this, we can expect the final product to be a true featherweight and much lighter than the Mazda Miata.

If Praga uses the racing car's carbon construction, we can expect the final product to use a variation of its three-way adjustable front and rear pushrod suspension with an inboard pushrod setup. For racing applications, it also features adjustable anti-roll bars and dampers, but it's not clear whether these will be implemented as well. At this point, Praga has left almost everything to the imagination.

Praga/YouTube Praga/YouTube

This will be the company's first venture into road-based cars since 1947, and its new range will be much more different from the premium family models it used to make before WWII. Like many other manufacturers of this era, the brand left the market because of the war. Praga is, however, one of the lucky few to survive post-war.

If you excuse the six decades that Praga has been out of action, this brand has been around for 116 years. It hopes to continue its legacy with a loud bang with its holy trinity model, which we will officially see on November 23rd.

Whatever it comes up with will likely be available in the US market. The brand announced a few months ago that it has started implementing a small dealership network that currently gives you access to the aforementioned track-only R1.

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