Czech Track Car Packs Renault Power

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Say hello to the Praga R1, the latest Le Mans-style track car you can buy... but only drive on the race track.

There are race cars and there are road cars, but in between sits a growing category of track cars. They're toys that you can only drive on a racing circuit, but they're not designed for any specific racing series - just for having fun. It's a category populated at the top end by the likes of the Ferrari 599XX and McLaren 12C Can-Am, but (somewhat) more accessibly by LMP-style cars like the Caterham SP.300/R and Radicals. The latest company to join the market for these expensive toys is Praga Cars, a Czech outfit that has just released the R1.

Pictured here, the Praga R1 packs a small 2.0-liter four made by Renaultsport with 210 horsepower, but with only 590 kg to schlepp around, it promises to deliver some rather impressive performance. The rest of the equipment list is populated by such features as a Hewland competition-spec six-speed sequential gearbox, AP Racing clutch, Motec ECU, Koni dampers, race-style fuel tank and a fire suppression system in case the rest (or more likely, the driver) should fail at keeping the car on the narrow winding ribbon of track. No word on pricing, but owning a car just to play with it on a racing circuit is not a hobby for the financially challenged.

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