Dacia Manifesto Concept Is A Sustainable Hummer EV From Space

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Good news! It's the new Dacia Manifesto!

Some concept cars show off what could, conceivably, become a real car you'll buy out of a dealer if a few years. The Toyota FT1 and Dodge Charger Daytona are both good examples. Others are a little less "direct," shall we say. These are the fun ones. Like this one, from Dacia, that looks like some sort of Hummer EV from space. Or something out of "Halo."

Dacia calls it the "Manifesto Concept," and it's here to preview a number of new ideas that will make it onto future Dacia models. It's no Sandero, but we're still pretty stoked about some of the ideas showcased here.

Dacia Dacia Dacia Dacia

Dacia's concept is designed to keep its passengers exposed to the elements- via a total lack of doors windows, or windscreens- while also keeping them connected. Dacia has previewed a "BYOD" (Bring-Your-Own-Device) concept that'll fully integrate a smartphone into the dash and onboard computer.

Dacia is also showing off "YouClip," which will allow future owners of Dacia products to quickly and easily add accessories like a cupholder to mounting points on their car. Think of it like the Bronco's accessory rail, or the Maverick's 3D-printed mounting system. On top of that, the electric concept also features only a single headlight, which can be detached and used as a flashlight.

Dacia Dacia Dacia Dacia

Of course, features only go so far. This is supposed to be an off-roader, after all. Dacia says it is, through and through, thanks to a 4WD system, huge A/T tires, and plentiful ground clearance. The inside is built to be just as tough, despite seats that look more at home in a multi-million dollar spacecraft. The entire interior is waterproof, so any mud that gets in can simply be hosed out.

Those spacey-looking seats can also be torn out and become a sleeping bag "in seconds." While you're making camp, the Manifesto's dedicated removable battery can be used to power anything you may have on hand. Perhaps something you've kept in the roof rack? The carrier bars for that can also be shifted into different configurations depending on what you're carrying.

Dacia Dacia Dacia Dacia

Because the Manifesto concept is an EV, and therefore supposed to be greener than a combustion alternative, Dacia has taken care to make sure that it is. Unlike the Hummer EV we mentioned above, this is designed to be a compact and lightweight car, with recycled plastic body panels to reduce weight and bolster efficiency.

Dacia calls the material "Starkle," and says it's made from recycled polypropylene, with a flecked effect. The tires are an airless design, and the dash is made from cork. While we know the Manifesto won't be coming to production, it'll be interesting to see what ideas do make it. We'd love to see some alternative materials in cabins, especially if they're sustainable.

Dacia Dacia Dacia Dacia

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