Dacia Updates Logan and Sandero

2012 Paris Motor Show / Comments

Budget-oriented, Romanian-built sedan and hatchback from Renault's budget division get some upgrades after eight years on the market.

A car from Romania? We've got to be kidding, right? Only we're not. That's where Dacia is located, and as you might expect from an Eastern European automaker, its products are decidedly budget-oriented. A division of Renault, Dacia has unveiled revised versions of its Logan and Sandero models in advance of their debut at the Paris Motor Show. Now eight years on the market, the Logan sedan and its hatchback counterpart the Sandero benefit from revised exterior styling and an upgraded interior to make it seem less budget-oriented than it is.

The front end gets a new grille with Dacia logo front and center, wider headlights and a more sculpted waistline, more pronounced wheel arches and curved flanks. The cockpit, meanwhile, gets a dark charcoal or two-tone treatment, a modernized dashboard with chrome-beveled instruments, more functional controls and new chrome-trimmed steering wheel, gear lever and air vents. Dacia didn't release any new powertrain information, so we'd expect the range of four-cylinder engines - ranging from 1 liter to 1.6 and from 77 hp to 111 - to carry over essentially unchanged.

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