Daft Punk and Lotus F1 Team Up

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Daft Punk's robotic imagery adorns Lotus F1 car as part of a budding new partnership.

Daft Punk's rapid return to the top of the charts is being aided by the Lotus F1 team that unveiled the duo's logo on Romain Grosjean's Formula 1 car at the Monaco Grand Prix over the weekend. Unfortunately, the French driver couldn't "Get Lucky" even with his compatriots standing by for support. There have been a few teaser videos hinting at the collaboration, born from record label Columbia's partnership with the British racing team, and now a full video has been released. A formal announcement is set to be made soon.

In the meantime check out the Lotus F1 crew wearing the Gallic duo's signature robot helmets with some of its awesome electronic music from its new album Random Access Memories released last week.

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