Daihatsu D-X Concept Headed to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

Daihatsu has released a new photo gallery of the D-X concept, destined to debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Japan's oldest car manufacturer is pulling out all the stops in the build-up to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Daihatsu is bringing their D-X concept to the premier auto event of the Japanese capital. The D-X can shift form a la Transformers-style from a roadster into a sporty panel van. There are several forms it can take from its base look, meaning the innovative and flexible concept will appear as a van, shooting brake/roadster coupe, off-roader and track car.

It runs on a turbocharged .66-liter 2-cylinder engine that features direct injection. Take a look at the extensive photo gallery of the Daihatsu D-X concept in all its forms and tell us what you like best. The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is the 42nd edition of the event and it kicks off on December 2nd.

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