Daihatsu FC Sho Case Concept to Debut in Tokyo

Its advanced fuel cell powertrain and boxy high-tech design will stir debate at the Tokyo Auto Show.

There won't be many too many concepts more bizarre than this Japanese contraption at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, but there are some interesting futuristic features worthy of note. Foremost is the rare metal-free liquid fuel cell technology that hints at new possibilities for future compact, zero-emission vehicles.The fuel cell is located under the floor of the compact, multi-purpose, environmentally friendly concept, so the interior space can be left totally flat.

With the seats and steering neatly tucked away the interior suddenly becomes a large 'show case', just in case you were wondering about the name. This new platform incorporating the cell system in the under-floor space will give designers plenty of freedom, and we would hope that a more aerodynamic profile could be developed in the future. Low-speed transport aside, there's seems to be no logic to this concept and perhaps the name refers to the fact the boxy minibus is more a technological 'showcase' than a study for a particular vehicle.

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