Daihatsu Showcases New D-R Concept in Indonesia


Could the Copen be ready for a comeback? This concept car suggests it very well could.

Back in 1999 Daihatsu introduced a nimble little roadster called the Copen. Powered by a tiny 660cc turbocharged two-cylinder engine (and later by a larger 1.3), the Copen conformed to Japan's popular kei car formula. The roadster, however, never made much of a mark outside of its home market, and about a year and a half ago Daihatsu pulled it from the European market. But it could be preparing to replace it with a new model.

At last year's Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu unveiled a concept called the D-X that packed the same 660cc turbo engine as the original Copen but in a more up-to-date form. The concept was unveiled in various body-styles as a roadster, a panel van, an off-roader and even a track car. But that was the last we saw of the D-X. That is, until now. At the Indonesia International Motor Show, Daihatsu unveiled an updated take on the concept called the D-R. The same 660cc turbo two-pot carries over, but (as you can see from these photos) in a more attractive style that includes interchangeable resin body panels to make the proposition more adaptable.

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No plans were announced to put the concept into production, but the fact that Daihatsu brought it back in a new form altogether suggests that the idea is still being batted around the company's headquarters in Osaka - and perhaps more importantly, at the headquarters of parent company Toyota.