Daimler Is Done With Diesels In The US - At Least For Now

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Can't imagine why.

Diesel has literally become a dirty word for German automakers these days because of Volkswagen's deceitful actions. And now Daimler-Benz, according to The Detroit Bureau, has just announced that it has ended attempts to get its diesel engines certified for US sales in 2017. We assume there were regulatory problems that presented too much of a hurdle to navigate through. Remember, VW is now paying more than $25 billion in the aftermath of Dieselgate.


Also noteworthy is the fact that Daimler's diesels, known as BlueTec, are also under investigation in both the US and Europe at the moment for possible emission problems. The automaker is fully aware there could be financial penalties and recalls in the wake of the investigations. For example, in March, German prosecutors launched an investigation against certain Daimler employees suspected of fraud and false advertising in regards to vehicle emissions. However, there was one Daimler diesel model that did receive a US sales certification earlier this year, the Mercedes Sprinter van.

The parent company of Mercedes-Benz and Smart seems to be fully aware that pulling its US 2017 diesel lineup certification attempt may soon lead to ditching diesel altogether. This may just be the best long-term strategy considering arch rival VW's plans to become an electric vehicle industry leader, surpassing Tesla.


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