Daimler to Bring electric car2go Service to Amsterdam Before 2012

After having some solid initial success in Austin, Texas, Daimler has announced they plan to expand their electric city car sharing program, car2go, to the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. The plan is to have 300 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles on the streets by the end of 2011. Just the other week, the program in Hamburg, Germany. The company claims that all of the cars "will be equipped with the latest telematics technology, allowing fully automated, easy and convenient rental operations."

But for all the success the program has been having so far, we're still wondering how it works when someone parks and drops off a car that's not fully charged. If the battery is too low to get to the nearest recharging station, who would be interested in renting a car they'll soon be stuck on the side of the road with? Fortunately, Amsterdam already has an excellent public transportation system along with a seemingly endless amount of bike lanes. Time will tell if car2go will be able to manage to think of ways to figure out the recharging issue.

Still, Daimler is gaining valuable experience with the program as they hope to stay ahead of the growing electric/city car concept.

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