Dakar Rally Racer Casually Shrugs Off Epic Crash, Promptly Continues Being A Badass

This is the definition of a tough day at the office.

If there’s one thing you need to know about the Dakar Rally, it’s that the men and women who run it are tough as nails. Case in point: this gnarly crash from Portugal’s Paulo Goncalves. He was riding his Honda through the desert in stage eight when he went flying off his bike. At first blush the crash looks horrific, but Goncalves is a badass and quickly shakes it off. Seriously, after launching off his bike he takes a second to compose himself and then continues riding along.

Despite having a body made seemingly of steel Goncalves was literally knocked out of the race; he was spotted lying unconscious near the end of stage 11. Luckily he’s back in Portugal and doing just fine.

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