Dallas Performance Gallardo Reaches 1000 HP in Stage 2

Because 950 was just too tame.

Afew months ago, we revealed a beastly Lamborghini Gallardo by Dallas Performance. The Stage 1 upgrade package put out950 manic horses and seemed like one of the wildest Gallardos we'd ever seen.But now, Dallas is back with the Stage 2, which aims to up the ante and puteverything we've seen before into proper perspective. The power conversionpackage coming from Texas now achieves a whopping 1000 wheel horsepower on racefuel and 800 wheel hp on street fuel.

Withthe full Stage 2 twin-turbo system, Dallas Performance's Gallardo comes with aforged and sleeved engine, billet rods and pistons, a MoTec engine managementsystem, upgraded fuel system and a full 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty. Ifthat's not enough, stay tuned for the Stage 3 with 1250 horsepower or the StageRS1 1600 horsepower package. A 2000 wheel horsepower Stage RS1 system is alsounderway.

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