Damaging A Borrowed Ferrari Is Every Gearhead's Worst Nightmare


Now experience that nightmare through the eyes of Marchettino.

You really have to feel for automotive YouTuber Marchettino in this video. The man has been behind the wheel of some epic cars, but that doesn't mean he's immune from making simple-and expensive-mistakes. The mistake in this case is driving with the hood unlatched. Unfortunately the car in question is a Ferrari 458 Speciale loaned to him by R3 Wheels. About 15 seconds into his test drive the hood flies up and smacks into the windshield. Both the windshield and hood are damaged and Marchettino is understandably scared out of his mind.

You'd expect the owner of this car to be royally pissed, but in fact he's just the opposite. Check it out to see what we mean and let us know in the comments how much you think damage like this will cost to repair.

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