Damnjan Mitic’s Citroen EGGO Concept is a Spider with Wheels

Designer Damnjan Mitic has created a solar-powered spider concept car.

The Citroen EGGO concept has four motors and one solar panel to rule them all. Ok, so when talking about things that don't exist it's a bit hard not to go all ‘Lord of the Rings' with our references, however this new concept from Serbian designer Damnjan Mitic does look like Shelob, the spider from J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece. Geekiness aside, the EGGO concept does come packed with new technology. A solar panel on the roof is meant to supplement energy to the motors.

As mentioned above, the electric coupe features 4 engines, one for each wheel, along with scissor doors and an ATV-like suspension for a smooth ride. The egg-shaped cabin features plenty of glass for a near 360 degree level of visibility. Check out Mitic's concept design and let us know what you think about Frodo's bane.

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