Dancing to 'Hotline Bling' May Soon Be The Way To Unlock Your Car Doors

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Technology is getting weirder and weirder.

Automakers spend billions of dollars per year to research new technologies to make their cars safer, more efficient, and better overall. However, sometimes engineers just wanna have fun, and Jaguar Land Rover's newest venture into the world of motion sensors proves this. While most cars rely on remote control key fobs or proximity detection to allow owners to unlock doors and lift gates, your next Jaguar or Land Rover may come standard with a motion detection system to allow you to dance a unique sequence of movements to open your doors.

A recent patent filed with the US patent office shows the brand's intentions to create a system that can detect movements, compare them to a sequence of movements stored on the car's computer, and then lock or unlock doors accordingly. If the engineers are smart, they'll add a feature that can tell when occupants are doing the "I need to pee now" dance in order to optimize vehicle settings for maximum speed. If the technology becomes a reality, let us pray that Drake buys a Land Rover Discovery so we can see him do the Hotline Bling dance outside of turtleneck stores when he locks the keys inside.

Source Credits: www.freshpatents.com

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