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DC Design has done and continues to do wonderful design work.

Celebrating the unveiling of DC Design's Avanti, we take a look back at the Indian customization company's past work. DC Design has proved that the Indian automotive industry has more to offer than overly small city cars when it unveiled the Avanti at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Show. Until the Avanti was revealed, DC Design was known more for its customization work than anything else. The company's future as an automaker seems bright, but it's important to never forget where you come from as proven below.

The Rolls-Royce Black Ruby is one of the oddest Rolls ever created. The Black Ruby was a one-off reportedly created for an Indian Maharaja. This unique coupe has a curved back reminiscent of Nissan's Zs and two scissor-style doors. The Black Ruby was last spotted with a $1.2 million for sale sign in its window.

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If you find yourself thinking that the DC Star looks strikingly similar to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, that's because it does. The DC Star is a modified version of Porsche's Cayenne S that features an entirely new interior and exterior with everything under the hood remaining more or less the same. The DC Star hacks off two of the Cayenne's doors and adds a spoiler, a built-in Mac Mini and a 15-inch display screen.

The Tata Nano was a lot of things; "cool" not exactly one of them until DC Design came along. DC Design gave the Nano a complete makeover, removing nearly everything under the hood and giving it a new body kit. The DC Design Nano is sexier, faster (max speed 124 mph) and more expensive with a price tag of $220,000.

The DC Design Avanti is the first production car produced by the Indian customization house. The Avanti has a unique look unlike any other "supercar" around. The Avanti is powered by a Ford EcoBoost 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection and VVT pushing out 240 horsepower. DC Design plans to build 300 Avantis in 2013 and will increase production if the $56,000 supercar is well-received.

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