Dark. Rain. Nordschleife. Porsche.

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Those are the only four words you need to know about the video that awaits you ahead.

Driving the Nurburgring is a harrowing experience. There's a reason they call it the Green Hell, after all. Now imagine racing on it competitively. For 24 hours. After the sun and rain have fallen. That's what's been captured in this latest clip on the Drive channel's Driver's Eye series. Filmed during last weekend's Nurburgring 24-hour race, this helmet-cam footage from inside a Porsche 911 GT3 R shows just how intimidating the experience can be, and how much skill these drivers need to keep the car on the track and out of the Armco.

The talent in question is one Leh Keen, who usually drives in the Rolex Grand-Am series and has taken podiums at the Nurburgring, Sebring and Le Mans. We just gained a whole new level of respect for his skills. Check out the clip below to see what we mean.

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