Dark Winter Roads Are No Match For A Tesla With Autopilot

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Not even winter can defeat Elon Musk's robot cars.

We just saw Tesla's Autopilot technology prove how capable it is by avoiding a scary accident that developed right before the driver's eyes. The Model X slammed on the brakes and stopped a safe distance from the two-car crash in front of it. That's an extreme example of Tesla's hardware and software can do. A less extreme, but more common proving of the tech's worth, is found in this video. In it a Tesla on Autopilot successfully navigates a snow-covered road. There were no clear lane lines or vehicles ahead to help the EV find its way.

The only lines on the road are the dividing line down the middle and the line marking where the curb begins. This may not seem like a big deal, a Tesla driving itself down a snowy road. But think about how far the Autopilot technology has come just this year.

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We drove a Model S equipped with Autopilot earlier in the year, and while we came away impressed the car was still skittish and unsure at times. Our drive was made on a clear day with visible lane markers and lines, mind you. If you'd asked us to take the Model S on a snow-covered road in Autopilot the answer would have been an emphatic no. After watching this video that may not be the case anymore.

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