Darth Vader Would Approve Of This Murdered-Out Chrysler Minivan

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This is Chrysler's attempt at making the Pacifica a sporty minivan.

It's not very often you see the words "sporty" and "minivan" in the same sentence, but Chrysler has bucked the trend with this bizarre attempt at giving the Pacifica minivan a sporty makeover with the new S Appearance Package. Available to order with the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, the styling package is available on the Touring Plus, Touring L, Touring L Plus and Limited trims. Gloss Black accents cover the exterior, from the grille surrounds and headlight eyebrow accents to the daylight opening molding and rear valance molding.


Complementing the murdered-out minivan's all-black exterior are 18-inch wheels finished in Black Noise, with optional 20-inch alloys. The front and rear wing badges rear are Black Noise with a Gloss Black insert, while the "Pacifica" and "S" badges in the rear are also in Black Noise. A black roof rack is available as an optional extra on the Touring Plus model and is standard on other S Appearance Package trim levels. Inside, the S Appearance Package features black seats with Light Diesel Gray accents and the "S" logo, while the steering wheel has Light Diesel Gray stitching and Piano Black accents.

Light Diesel Gray stitching and Anodized Ice Cave bezels feature on the instrument panel and door trim, while other interior elements are fully black to match the exterior. "The Chrysler Pacifica definitely stands out in the school drop-off line, and its class-leading style has won over many new customers," said FCA's Tim Kuniskis. "The Pacifica S Appearance Package takes that style to the next level and offers our customers yet another unique personality that further differentiates the Pacifica from the rest of the segment." The Chrysler Pacifica S package will be available this fall for $595, but the 20-inch Black Noise wheels cost an extra $995. We can only assume that its target customer is a domesticated Darth Vader.

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