Dartz Chrome Bugatti

Armored car manufacturer and tuning firm Dartz has produced yet another way for those with more money than taste to get everyone's attention.

We were recently sitting around the CarBuzz office and commenting on the fact that we hadn't heard anything from our favorite Russian producers of vulgar cars and insanity, Dartz. Then, as luck would have it, one of their golden press releases landed in our inbox. What they've done this time at their vinyl wrapping headquarters in Cannes, on the Cote d'Azur in southern France, is make a red chrome Buggati Veyron with snakeskin accents.

Dartz seems to realize that this might not appeal to everyone, but as always, it's hard to tell what Dartz is thinking. Here is the press release exactly as it was sent to us: "When DARTZ have short brakes between uberluxury armored car manufacturing - they tune other cars not-4-everybody. Here you can see BUGATTI VEYRON wrapped in RED CHROME and SNAKE. Our next project DARTZ PROMBRON IRON.Xtal coming soon! Stay tuned!"

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