Dartz Creates Bullet-Proof Nano-Skin Seats for Your A$$ Only

Bullet-Proof? Check. Gold? Check. Unnecessary Excess? Check. Only Dartz.

Leo and the gang from Dartz are back with their latest offering, a whale penis foreskin-free set of bullet-proof seats. Made with 'Nano-Skin' and the absolutely-Dartz necessary gold, the Latvian fellas have released a terrific graphic with a just-as-interesting press release. Check out the press release and accompanying graphic below, as Dartz latest creation is for "Your A$$ Only."

Hi EveryBody, Here is DARTZ - crazy car interiors KingZ.... Here we are with our new whale-safe interior decision. And it is not safe only for whales - it's seat made from bulletproof nanoskin - one of the moderb scientist inventions. Nano-skin is not all on this seat - as always, gold bling-bling for proud owner.... :-).... -- Leonard F. Yankelovich a.k.a. LEO'n'DARTZ

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