Dartz Debuts The Black Shark, And You Can’t Afford It

Armored Car

The oligarch’s favorite has been updated.

Details have finally come out for the newest Dartz model, and it actually represents a big pretty big move forward for the company. It might get lost in stories about the lunatic accessories that can be ordered with these vehicles (and, to be fair, they are always nuts), but the Black Shark is actually the first of the second generation for the Prombron nameplate. The change means a move away from the old Kombat underpinnings.

The new vehicles use Mercedes-Benz bits, including engine options which range up to a 1,500 horsepower V12. Armoring is still available up to a B7 level, which will stop basically anything you’re likely to ever encounter in civilian life, as well as a number of much more serious military weapons.

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Security features include shock devices, handles that retract into the door and telecommunications jammers and retina scanners. But security features, like any of the other features of the car, are completely customizable. Prices haven’t been disclosed, but they’re well into the millions. We’ve even got a video of the Black Shark, which also features the Russian attack helicopter that it’s named after. The car is just rendered because so much will be custom that this is just a starting point anyway.