Dartz Plans Electric Version of Bulletproof Roadster

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Expect a fun drive in the roadster that will be bulletproof yet open-topped. Of course its from Dartz.

Ah, only Dartz. The Latvian armored vehicle manufacturer has teamed up with Gray Design to give an electric-makeover to their Mojo two-seater roadster. Dubbed the Jo-Mojo, this lightly-armored electric low-rider has been designed to blend in on the streets of the Cote d'Azur, with patented bullet-proof wheels, color-changing chameleon paintjob, and custom seating. Its standout feature, however, is the retractable cover incorporating flexible solar cells created by Sidrabe, the former Soviet space manufacturers.

The cover has a dual purpose: locking the car and charging the batteries while it takes a breather under the Mediterranean sun. According to Gray Design, the Jo-Mojo will have 'fantastic handling characteristics,' while offering 'a smooth ride and maneuverability.' An 80hp electric motor with 90lb-ft of torque will power the compact roadster as it sprints from 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds and continues to a top speed of 125mph. Dartz is currently working on the pseudo-KAPSULA body for the electric road rocket and by the middle of next year a production prototype should be up and running. Upon its commercial release, expect a price tag of around $40,000.

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