Dartz Releasing Manic Prombron "White Horse" for China

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The only market that could possibly make this crazy Latvian even nuttier.

If you're familiar with Latvian automaker Dartz, you know that this is a company that doesn't take crap from anyone. The Latvian-built SUVs are mostly geared at Russia, and come in a range of whacky-named, oddball-looking and take-no-prisoner-acting models. Now, the company has released teasers of an upcoming special edition Prombron, nicknamed White Horse and geared at the Chinese market. This follows the Black Dragon model that was also marketed in China.

With its official debut just weeks away, the White Horse is based on Dartz's 'saloon' model, and is expected to be packed with luxury goodies worthy of the uber rich. While Dartz is unlikely to re-offer whale penis leather as a costly option (it did that and backed down in the past), expect prices as massive as the car's exterior dimensions.

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