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Dartz Reveals “Red Russian” 6x6, Putin and Lenin Approved

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Insane SUV has some quirky Russian posters to go with it.

Last month, the wackiest automaker for the uber-rich, Dartz, released its Drive Hard rendition of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, featuring 1,000+ horsepower and a price tag of 2.4 million Euros. But it seems this insane SUV may be a little too tame for some wealthy Russians' tastes, with some additional treatment to fill the void in their expensive habits required. Now, Dartz has revealed the Red Russian edition of this car, even enlisting some interesting characters to promote it.

Beyond the psychotic car appearing in these images, the company also uses a statue of Lenin, who seems quite happy with the way things are going in the former USSR, as well as Russia's current leader, Vladimir Putin. It appears Dartz is also supplying a set of matching baseball bats, which could come in handy when confronting Russian road-rage or dealing with any remaining communists.

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