Dartz Teases The Black Shark: 1,500 Horsepower Of Sheer Madness

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Heavy on the madness.

Moviegoers will be starting to get used to seeing Dartz vehicles on the big screen by now. Following an appearance in The Dictator and Die Hard 5, Dartz supplied a vehicle for the recent spy thriller The November Man. But all of this movie making and rubbing elbows with former James Bond actors Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore doesn't mean that Dartz has softened its lunatic image. The company that does whatever the hell it wants has a new vehicle: the Black Shark.

The vehicle is built on a Mercedes GL-Class platform and uses a choice of Mercedes V8 or V12 engine. But this isn't a simple tuning, the Black Shark is entirely its own thing, complete with bullet proofing, telecommunication jammers, retina scanners and even an anti-paparazzi shock device.

It is named after a Russian attack helicopter and will be fully unveiled on the 100th anniversary of the forming of Russia's first mechanized infantry regiment. Leo, the owner of Dartz, is a friend of ours. So when we told him we were interested in the story, he sent us all of the November Man set photos and the video you see here. Dartz will be building just five units of the Black Shark, and we're certain that they will be outrageous. But even we couldn't get any more advance details out of Leo.

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