Dartz Unveils G-Squad Armored Hotline, A Relatively Sensible Line Of Armored Cars


"Dartz" and "Sensible" are not words we ever expected to use in the same sentence.

We have a lot of fun with Dartz. The wildly ostentatious cars are hugely entertaining, as is the zero-f@#ks-to-give attitude of the company's owner, Leo. But as silly as some of this is, Leo has always stressed that the company takes its armoring process very seriously, employing former sniper, veteran and security specialist Igor Ristolainen to make certain the cars live up to this high standard. Indeed all Dartz vehicles can be armored up to B7.

That's enough to stop a bullet from a Dragunov sniper rifle, but Dartz is worried that you might be forgetting this, what with all of the gold and whale-penis leather. So the company is now offering a simpler package, known as G-Squad Armored Hotline, built out of either G or GL-Class Mercedes platforms. There are still some nice interior options, but Dartz is really putting the emphasis on armor, as the press release says "We delete uber exclusivity, as rescue rangers don't need Swarovski support to save lifes." And more succinctly "Our proposal will be simple like AK."

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