Dartz Unveils New Line Of Bespoke Child Car Seats, Calling It "L'Enfante Terrible"

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Why skimp on the car set after you spent so much on the car?

Dartz has long been our favorite brand of lunatic vehicles and accessories. The Latvian company has thrown in all kinds of bizarre extras with its vehicles over the years, from bottles of the world's most expensive vodka to gold-plated AK-47s to sex toys. But now they're offering something a little different, bespoke car seats for the children of rich supercar owners. The line of seats is called "L'Enfante Terrible," a French term for ill-mannered children.

But Dartz believes that the children have a right to behave badly, what with their parents having spent so much on a supercar and then bought a sub-par car seat. So, as Dartz owner Leo put in, in his characteristic English usage "You who fully changed car interior, but your own child still piss in standard fabric seat?" So Dartz will sell you a seat and upholster it to match your car's interior, or if you like, you can pick something else. There is a full line of colors for the seat leather, and you can even choose shark or crocodile leather. Because it wouldn't be Dartz if you couldn't.

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