Dartz Wants 2.4M Euros for Armored 1,000+HP Mercedes G63 6x6

This is the Dartz Drive Hard 6x6 G. It's insane.

In a move perfectly befitting everyone’s favorite Latvian carmaker, Dartz has unveiled an armored version of the outrageous Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6. Following German tuner’s Brabus’ lead, Dartz has reinvented the Mercedes 6x6, dubbing its latest creation the DrIvE HARD 6x6. Billed as the “world’s first funky armored car,” inspiration comes from the Cougar 6x6 MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) that featured in the latest Die Hard instalment – hence the car’s name.

Output of the G63 AMG 6x6’s 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 has been increased to 1,019 hp and over 738 lb-ft of torque. Although that’s brutal performance, the Latvian behemoth will probably need it given the extensive B8 armored plating that's expected to increase curb weight to around 5,000 kg. Dartz has priced the armored variant of the 6x6 at 2.4 million Euros and wants 1.5M Euros for the unarmored off-roader. Other custom G63 6x6s are in the works, including those with a Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones theme.

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