Dartz Won't Give China The Black Monkey, But It Is Giving Them This

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You simply can't call a car "The Black Monkey."

Having celebrated previous Chinese new years with special edition "Black Snake," "Black Dragon," and "White Horse," Prombrons owner and company founder Leonard F. Yankelovich has informed us there is no such plans for the upcoming Chinese new year. Even by his own extreme standards, Leo says that releasing the Dartz "Black Monkey" would not be OK. Although, consider this is a guy comfortable using whale foreskin to upholster the interior of his opulent armored cars. Go figure.

Is China put out by this? On the contrary, apparently it can't get enough of them. The Latvian carmaker has just signed a five-year contract with a local dealer and has earmarked five Prombron Black Shark editions for the country after its flagship SUV premieres at the 69th Cannes Film Festival this spring. It also appears that Leo's tastes may be mellowing, having introduced a new generation of business cars based on the Range Rover and Mercedes V-Class, both of which have been extended by 900 mm.

They also feature "bizarre" leather by Kolonial Touch by Giuseppe Lucente – laser engraved with sputtered gold and platinum naturally – as well as iBusiness solutions using VERTU phones and B&O multimedia, and unique metal trim.

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