Dash Cam Catches World's Dumbest Car Thief Bragging About Boosting A BMW i3


Please, please let this video not be a fake.

On the Internet it's wise to be skeptical of stories and videos that sound too good to be true. This video is the perfect example. It stars a car thief who is behind the wheel of a BMW i3. Unbeknownst to the thief a dash cam is recording, capturing his phone conversation in the process. The theft took place in North London, which explains the accent. The guy is captured saying a bunch of dumb stuff, but the best quote is about the speed of the i3. No, bruv, it won't "leave anything for dust."

A video like this seems too good to be true and indeed it may be. The Daily Mail reached out to the Metropolitan Police and the coppers were unable to confirm that the theft was reported to police. The video description does say the owner got the car back, though. Check the video out and decide for yourself.


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