Dash Cam Shows Mechanics Taking 118-MPH Joyride In Customer's Ford Focus ST


Can you blame them?

When you have a ride as irresistible to drive as a Ford Focus ST, leaving it with a garage for a few hours or longer has got to be a worry. Why, you may ask? Just check out the dash-cam footage from this guy's hot-hatch, which was taken for a spin by the mechanics at his local Ford dealership in Lancashire, UK. After picking up his car, the owner noticed that half-a-tank of fuel had been used. Baffled, the 42-year-old owner activated the dashboard camera and found the following footage.

The mechanics had taken the Focus ST for a joyride around town, clocking speeds of up to 118 mph. The full video also shows them rifling through the customer's bags. No word on how he dealt with the situation. Needless to say, he wasn't a happy bunny.

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