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Datsun Fairlady Z Restomod Is A Stunning Achievement

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Vilner's latest project extends far beyond the cabin.

European classics tend to get the most attention. Americans, too. But Japan has produced some timeless sports cars over the years, and this one's received a new lease on life thanks to the specialists at Vilner.

The 1976 Datsun 280Z – a precursor to today's Nissan 370Z – was once the property of a notorious WW2 flying ace, and had to be literally cut out of its owner's residence to be shipped to the Bulgarian customizer. But once they got their hands on it, the team at Vilner worked it over thoroughly and to rather stunning effect.

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"Every single piece of that car was checked, changed, refreshed or replaced with new," said Atanas Vilner. "As far as the 'restomod' modifications, I've kept the car as close to the original as my imagination allowed me to."

The classic Fairlady Z has been wrapped in cobalt blue with a matte finish– not something you'd have seen on a Japanese sports car (or really any other) in the '70s. The wheels, grille, and other trim were detailed in a deep metallic shade called Copper Rose. The bumpers were removed, the headlights replaced with LEDs, and of course the interior was completely reupholstered.

The seats and other interior panels were wrapped in vintage leather, with the door panels and central tunnel coated in blue felt. The headliner, floor mats, and seatbelts were done up to match in blue, and the same Copper Rose was used for the interior trim as well.

Finally, Vilner lowered the whole thing on Eibach springs and fitted a stainless-steel exhaust. "The amount of work put into this project is beyond any car done by my team," Vilner summarized. "And I can guarantee that this Datsun 280Z 'Fairlady Z' is one of the most unique cars on the planet."