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Datsun Returns - as a Wimpy Hatch City Car

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Nissan officially launches the first new Datsun in 30 years. Thing is, it's a hatchback for emerging markets only.

Last fall came word that Nissan was laying the groundwork to revive the old Datsun nameplate. Many longtime Datsun fans instantly became excited, only to be disappointed the revived brand would only be small economy and city cars for emerging markets like India and Brazil. And now we have our first details and photos of the first new Datsun in 30 years. Meet the 2014 Datsun GO, a small hatchback city car that will go on sale in India early next year.

The five-seater will be powered by a 1.2-liter gas engine paired with a five-speed manual. It has class leading seating and cargo space, and could sell for as little as $3,000. That isn't quite Nano cheap, but it could help Nissan triple its Indian dealership network to 300 locales by 2017.

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The revived Datsun brand will also go on sale in Brazil, Russia and South Africa where it'll compete with the likes of the Hyundai and Suzuki. It's still a far cry from the Datsun glory days of the 240Z and 510.