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David Brown Automotive Modernizes The Original Mini

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The Mini Remastered is the ultimate love letter to the original Mini with modern creature comforts.

Bespoke British carmaker David Brown Automotive is best known for the Speedster GT, a modern reimagining of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 based on a Jaguar XK that can be yours, providing you can afford the $600,000 price tag. Recent teasers have hinted that DBA has been gearing up to reveal its second retro-inspired car, but the only clue we had to go on was that it's based on "the original remastered." Turns out that wasn't referring to another vintage Aston Martin, but a modernization of the original Mini.

Designed as a love letter to the original Mini from the 1960s, the Mini Remastered retains its classic looks while taking design cues from the Speedback GT and adding modern creature comforts. Every car is handbuilt at the company's Silverstone headquarters using bespoke body panels which are deseamed for a smoother, retro look. It's also fitted with bespoke structural beams for added rigidity and has been thoroughly soundproofed for optimum cabin comfort. Quality is of paramount importance to DBA, which is why every car takes around 1,000 hours to build. References to the Speedster GT include custom-built aluminium grilles and a full LED exterior rear light cluster.

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It's in the interior where the Mini Remastered has received the most obvious 21st century updates, featuring luxuries that didn't exist in the 1960s. As standard, you get an in-built infotainment and navigation system ideal for city driving, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a four-speaker sound system, keyless-go, USB connectivity and charging, push-button start and remote central locking. As you'd expect from DBA, the interior is hand-trimmed with sumptuous sculpted seats and luxurious materials. The best news for fans of the original Mini, however, is that DBA has rebuilt the classic car's 1275cc engine and extracted up to 50 percent more power, depending on the spec you opt for.

The four-speed gearbox has also been reconditioned and the brakes and suspension have been upgraded. Along with the standard trim, two limited production special edition models, known as 'Cafe Racers' and 'Inspired by Monte Carlo' will be available with unique interior, exterior and accessory finishes. Prices have yet to be announced, but if the astronomical asking price of the Speedster GT is anything to go by, it certainly won't be cheap.