Days After Reveal, First Callaway Camaro Involved In Accident

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That didn't take too long.

Just a few days after its big reveal, the very first 2016 Callaway Camaro SC610 was involved in an accident. The pumped up muscle car got into an accident in the staging lines of California's Auto Club Dragway. According to witnesses, the crash occurred after a 1932 Ford drag car was weaving through the staging lines. The door of the classic Ford swung open and came into contact with a Mustang racer, which startled the driver in the '32 Ford who then hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

By hitting the pedal on the right, the driver in the '32 Ford slammed into the brand-new Callaway Camaro, along with another Mustang. According to LSXTV, the impact with the Camaro was so severe, that the muscle car's rear wheels were lifted into the air and wrecked the SC610's rear bumper. Despite the extensive damage, no-one was injured in the crash. All of the vehicles in the accident appear to be repairable, as well.

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