Daytona Crash Leaves 11 NASCAR Fans Injured

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A multi-car pileup at Daytona causes debris to go flying into the grandstands, injuring 11 NASCAR fans.

Considering the numerous safety standards in place today, it's still possible for motorsport bystanders to get injured. Car racing will always be a serious sport and drivers aren't always the sole victims of crashes. This past weekend at the Nationwide Series at Daytona, 11 NASCAR fans were injured after pieces of debris and a tire went flying into the grandstands. The incident began when Regan Smith's car was going sideways as he was coming into the checkered flag.

Fellow drivers behind him began to pile up which quickly culminated in Kyle Larson's car being sent directly into the fence that separates spectators from the track, the aftermath of which left six people with serious injuries.

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The conditions of the remaining five, although less serious, was not given. Larson's No. 32 car was left without a front end due to the accident and driver Tony Stewart ultimately won the race. But due to those injured, Stewart opted to skip the standard victory celebration.

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