DC Design Avanti Coming in 2014

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India-based design firm DC Design hopes to launch its wedge-shaped supercar in 2014.

Although it's not very well known outside of its native India, DC Design unveiled its own homegrown supercar over a year ago called the Avanti. It was just a concept at the time, but a new report coming from The Economic Times of India states that India's first supercar is heading for production with a projected launch in 2014. Founder Dilip Chhabria also claimed that a new facility currently being set up will have the capacity to produce 3,500 units a year.

That number wouldn't just include the Avanti, but also a new SUV as well as existing models. Now, DC Design claims the Avanti is a supercar, but the concept was powered by only a 2.0-liter turbocharged Ford EcoBoost four that pumps out 265 horsepower and is paired with a six-speed manual. Call it what you'd like, but we say this is more of a sports car with the exterior design of something more exotic. Its projected 25-30 lakh price (roughly $46,000 - $55,000) also reflects the Avanti's performance capabilities, and it's being targeted towards affluent, up-and-coming younger buyers.

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