DC Design Debuts Tornado Crossover

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The Indian design firm has decided to take an alternate approach to dreaming up the next generation crossover.

Back in 2010, Indian coachbuilder DC Design revealed its Imperator Concept, a mid-engined crossover with a curvier design than most boxy SUVS. It was definitely an ambitious design that garnered some publicity for the up-and-coming firm, and now its creators are back with a follow-up. Based on the Imperator, the Tornado concept places an Audi-sourced 6.0-liter TDI V12 behind the four passengers, channeling 500 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of turbodiesel torque to all four wheels through a sequential gearbox.

The sleek body rests on a set of huge 25-inch wheels. The cabin decked out with adjustable air cushions, a floating dashboard design and something called the iDCdrive infotainment system. Altogether the Tornado strikes us as an interesting concept, but looks like it stands about the same chance for reaching production as world peace.

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