DC Design Luxes Up the Hummer H1

A tough exterior and blinged-out cabin for the original Hummer.

There are a great many things you can say about the original Hummer. It's rough, it's versatile, it's about as bad-ass as it gets..but it is most certainly not luxurious. That never deterred the plethora of celebrities who bought them back in the 1990s, but DC Design thought the H1 was about due for an upgrade to its interior. The Indian tuner has glitzed up the Hummer's cabin with chrome, wood and leather by the truckload, giving the beast an interior you'd sooner expect to see on a yacht than in a military vehicle.

The cabin has also been upgraded with headrest-mounted television screens and enough interior lighting to make the producers of Tron:Legacy blush. While they were at it, DC outfitted the H1 with a rather sinister-looking brush guard to shield the front end, an array of roof-mounted lighting and carbon-reinforced plastic tail-lights. The result is a tough exterior and go-anywhere capability without compromising on luxury.

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