DCT-Swapped Nissan Skyline GT-R Will Drive Purists Mad

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And we thought the 'BMW Supra' angered the internet.

Our ears still haven't recovered from all the cries from enthusiasts on the internet who are distraught over the Toyota Supra, offering an automatic as the only transmission option. For people who simply can't live without three pedals in their car, Texas-based European Auto Group will graciously convert your Supra to manual, or build you a gated-manual supercar. But Norway-based HPR Tuning prefers to do the opposite, and the shop's latest project is bound to anger Nissan enthusiasts.

The R32 Skyline GT-R, the predecessor to today's R35 Nissan GT-R, only came with a five-speed manual from the factory, until now. That's because HPR just announced the world's first Nissan Skyline GT-R dual-clutch transmission conversion with all-wheel-drive.

HPR Tuning / Facebook HPR Tuning / Facebook

Purists will certainly scoff at the thought of an R32 with a DCT, and to add insult to injury, this transmission was sourced from BMW, just like the Supra's.

Owners of the E90 generation BMW M3 will instantly recognize the shifter used by HPR on this project, but the transmission itself, a seven-speed unit, actually comes from a BMW M4. HPR says it managed to retain the original ATESSA all-wheel-drive system, and the shop says the conversion is also possible on the R33 and R34 generation GT-R models. The shop just installed the DCT into an R32 GT-R to perform final testing. HPR says it just needs to "trim the outside webbing" of the transmission and "massage the chassis."

HPR Tuning / Facebook HPR Tuning / Facebook HPR Tuning / Facebook

HPR will sell a kit, which includes a custom RB26 to DKG adapter plate, flywheel kit, DCT to ATESSA adapter plate, billet aluminum cross-member, transmission mounts, and other custom parts. The equipment costs around $9,000 should you want to make your Skyline GT-R quicker and piss off purists. BMW's Getrag-built DCT can handle up to 738 pound-feet of torque, so if you plan to build a Skyline drag or drift car, this could be a viable transmission option.

We're very much in favor of retaining a manual gearbox for the sake of driver involvement, but for a high-powered build, this could be just the ticket to extra-fast lap times.

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Source Credits: HPR Tuning

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