De Tomaso Breaks Ground On New Nurburgring Factory

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This is where all 72 units of its upcoming performance car will be assembled.

Entering the supercar game in today's age has got to be an intimidating proposition. Cars such as the Ferrari SF90 benefit from massive amounts of resources and capital thanks to a brand that has developed cars for decades. Regardless, some niche companies are taking the fight to established marques. One that comes to mind is Gordon Murray Automotive who has already produced two stellar products.

Another is De Tomaso, a once iconic brand that merged American performance with Italian design with cars such as the Pantera, Mangusta, and Longchamp. The revamped brand's upcoming P72, which we first caught wind of in 2019, will mark the return of the brand's cars since the last Guara left its Modena, Italy facilities in 2004.

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Last month, De Tomaso announced that it had scrapped its plans of building the upcoming supercar in the USA in favor of a brand new facility located at the Nurburgring in Germany. Although this was a blow to some American fans, it confirmed that it would be maintaining its supply chain in the country. The Capricorn Group, responsible for developing racing champions such as the Porsche 919 LMP1, joined in on this project to ensure a competitive final product.

De Tomaso now shows us that it is breaking ground on its new facility in a 15-second video posted to its official social media. The clip doesn't detail much but we do get to see that the location is pretty large for a car that will be produced in small numbers. Just 72 to be exact.

De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso De Tomaso

The last update we were given on the P72 was the completion of its carbon fiber chassis that's been designed to meet FIA LMP safety requirements. Once it's all put together, space will be somewhat generous for a two-seater mid-engined car with a confirmed headroom and legroom space of 3.93 and 1.97 inches, respectively.

Powertrain details are still scant but it will reportedly inherit a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 from the Ford Performance department with some revisions made by Roush. The base price has been quoted at $1 million which sounds like a lot but given buyers will be getting a bespoke performance car with an interior design that matches the likes of Pagani, some might consider it a relative bargain.

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